Max and Jolie von Arnim live in London and stumbled upon Vorwerk Krewitz in 2010 during a family vacation in the Uckermark. The 18th century Baroque manor house was originally an agricultural outpost of the Count von Arnim Boitzenberg estate but was later used as a village shop, local pub and a cinema. 

Working with a local architect and craftsmen, they embarked on an ambitious four year restoration project to create a  country retreat outfitted for the 21st century.

They are passionate about the untouched beauty of the Uckermark and particularly enjoy biking and swimming while their children enjoy roasting marshmellows in the fire pit and tracking the footprints of animals through the garden. 

Max and Jolie very happy to recommend local activities and restaurants to their guests. In addition, they have a local manager on site who can provide advice on the house and local area.